What better way to teach your children about the rapidly declining state of our environment than with a fun, informative, and consequence free game? It’s just like real life! LET’S PLAY EARTH BALL! New video, by UCBs Pocketwatch! 



Wait, wait. We’ve seen this news before. Or have we? UCBs Pocketwatch investigates how history repeats itself in their new video. Watch all their vids here! 


Last year, Andy Beckerman and I wrote and starred in Time Pranx, a short pilot about a couple of total douchebags who prank people throughout history. In this one we totally nailed Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon. Anyway, now it’s on the Internet!

Also featuring Dru Johnston, Will Cooper & Tabitha Lee. Directed, shot, and edited by the incredible Alden Ford, who helped us put this together in essentially no time.



The #WorldCup is over, but your fad paraphernalia remains. UCBs PocketWatch is here to provide eco-friendly tips on entirely forgetting soccer for another four years. Happy recycling! 


I wrote this short video for my first (baby’s first?) Sketch Cram a few years ago, and still think it is the exact right amount of stupid that I am into. I will never change!

Starring Dawn Luebbe & James Dwyer
Directed by Benjamin Apple




Hallmark, bringing people together… though we wish we didn’t have to.

New GIFs from UCB Digital Team Pocketwatch’s first video: Gun Violence Sympathy Cards.




It’s here - the first Digital Teams video at UCB Comedy! Brought to you by Pocketwatch, our topical and socially relevant video sketch team.

Since there’s a new shooting every 15 minutes and we aren’t doing a single thing about it, here’s a product we’ll probably start seeing pretty soon.

Also, I’m proud of the fact that my UCB Digital team is making stuff like this right out of the gate.


Rejected Weekend Update Jokes - Past Month

Again I’ve fallen woefully behind in posting these. But now, here is a select choice of prime-cut, unused jokes, slow-roasted over a garbage fire and fed to you, the Internet:

A new study finds that eating too little salt can also be harmful to people. To reiterate: if you don’t eat the perfect amount of salt, you will die.

An art exhibit has opened in Israel called “Trash People,” which features 500 life-sized figures made from recycled trash. Meanwhile, in America, “Trash People” just had its season finale [picture of Duck Dynasty].

A family of hawks have taken over a library in Florida and attack anyone trying to enter the building. Luckily, since the library’s in Florida, no one has tried.

British researchers have discovered that males who start smoking before the age of 11 risk having sons who are overweight. Finally, a reason for 10-year-olds not to smoke.

Researchers are saying that infants crying at night is an evolutionary survival mechanism that prevents parents from having sex and creating siblings. So parents, if you wanna get some sleep, just promise your baby you’ll use a condom.

The number one pop star in Japan now is a hologram of a 16-year-old girl who has a digitally synthesized voice. Oh, so Justin Bieber?

NBC has launched a new campaign to find the next big sitcom by allowing anyone to pitch their ideas to the network. They’re calling the program “Desperation.”

Health officials are warning about an increase in salmonella infections due to people kissing chickens kept as pets. Said one victim: “So Iii SHOULDN’T kiss chickens?”

Three women in Oregon this week were arrested for twerking outside a local City Hall. Just so we’re clear, monetary donations are considered free speech, but it’s a crime if you make that booty talk.

An elementary school in Florida was evacuated after a classroom’s python escaped. Luckily, class was allowed to continue after the child-eating snake was safely returned to its thin glass case near all the kids.

Florida police arrested a man who was driving naked and masturbating in an attempt to entice truck drivers. Um, normally people just go like this [mimes pulling the horn].

The first round of the US Air Guitar Championships were held this week in Brooklyn. Competition is fierce this year since the winner will be taking home air $50,000.

A student at Columbia University revealed this week that he works as a paid escort earning 300 dollars an hour for sex. Pssh, I bet he only got the job cause his dad owns the company.



Folks this is big news about Review! Have you heard of Review? It’s the show that just said was “shaping up to be the funniest first season of a comedy since Arrested Development back in 2003.”

Well, Comedy Central is pretty psyched about great reviews like that so they’ve decided…

This show is nearly perfect.


This is a fairly crazy sketch I wrote & directed (and am very briefly in), about a girl who is so bad at remembering people she can’t even recall the single most distinct “person” in existence. It’s based on real stuff people in my life have done! Maybe it’s even based on you!


Rachel Rosenthal
Julie Rosing

Director of Photography: Zach Goldbaum

Edited by Amey Goerlich